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Transporti Horvatić Company

The company was founded in 2000 through the initiative of Miljenko Horvatić, owner of the company who wanted to put his years of work experience in international traffic and transport of goods to professional use.

Company core business: road transportation of goods, wholesale and commercial mediation.

Safety is one of our primary concerns in all business aspects.

The company strives to develop a relationship of mutual respect between the partners, suppliers and its employees. Every day we are making an effort to become better, encourage development and we measure our success accordingly. The discovery and development of new technologies and services enables us to improve our business methods and honour agreements, as well as to provide speed and flexibility.

We set our sights high, and how we have succeeded is measured by results and by the manner in which we came about these results. We value our people and try to earn the trust and respect of our clients and employees in every aspect of business.

Our mission is to be a company which stands out for its quality and speed of service. In order to achieve this, we have created a series of values and procedures aimed at fulfilling the needs of clients, accompanied with high-quality service, helpful employees and a corporate culture governed by high ethical and professional standards.

Through the service of transport and transport consultation we provide a delivery chain, thereby fulfilling the demands of our clients in the best way possible and in accordance with each market segment provided with the service.

The best evidence of our professionalism is the high number of local and international clients we have done business with since the company was founded and until this day.

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