Where We Are

We are located practically in the very centre of Ljubešćica, Zagrebačka 47.

Ljubešćica municipality belongs to Varaždin County. It borders the City of Novi Marof to the west, the City of Varaždinske Toplice to the north, and Koprivnica-Križevci County to the south and east.

It is a pleasant place to live, and the residents of Ljubešćica have long been a free and hard-working folk.

The importance of Varaždin County in transit grew when the Zagorje highway and a motorway following the same route were built. It reached its full transit potential after the construction of the Goričan-Varaždin-Zagreb highway, which bears special importance for the general economic development of the region.

The position of Varaždin County within Croatia is also characterized by its significance within a wider European context because it is an important point connecting West and Central Europe with South-East Europe and the Middle East. It also lies on the traffic route towards the central Danube region, the Adriatic, Mediterranean and other seas.

You can find more information about our town at www.ljubescica.hr

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